The instrument is real "Concert Carillon" which conforms to International Standard. Mechanical keyboard is side oriented in the middle of the carillon, so that bells are dislocated regularly in the whole space. Listeners may watch the carillonneur directly and at the same time enjoy his playing. The next parallel playing system consists of electromagnetic hammers, controlled by CAMPA APOLLO computer. In the memory there are more than 100 music compositions. The carillon has its own illumination, amplifier with loudspeakers and microphone. The interface of TV camera is available. The batteries supply much energy for 120´concert. Mains supply 220V/10A connection, if needed.


Number of bells 57
Musical range f1, g1-chromatic-d6
Keyboard mechanical, European standard
The biggest bell: tone/weight f1/860 kg
The smallest bell: tone/weight d6 / 5 kg
Total weight of bells 4950 kg

Total weight of instrument

12000 kg


A special truck RENAULT MAGNUM DXI 480.24 organizes transport of carillon. Dimensions including the truck:


Length  10,2 m
Width 2,5 m
Height 3,9 m
Total weight  21800 kg


* Reduction of height is possible in range +/- 200 mm.



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